Los Angeles Maternity Photographer

Been so busy shooting and editing these days that blogging isn't happening as often as I'd like. BUT! I had this sweet, sweet couple last night and simply had to share a few :)

Baby boy Everhart is already so loved and with parents like these, surely going to be one handsome little fella <3

Leo Carrillo Maternity Photographs | Alie + Daniel

From the moment I met Alie and Daniel I could feel their connection, their love and gentle caring for one another. Oh, and their zany, adorable pup Keisel came along and brought ALL the puppy wiggles <3I'm so lucky to have this intimate view into people's lives, to partake in laughter and joy as they await their daughter. It's 'just' biology, but it's pretty magical. A transitory phase of life, at once fleeting and yet, near the end, seemingly infinite. Good job Mama, you make it look easy and gorgeous :)

Much love