Family Photographer | Isaiah

This post is of a family that is near and dear to my heart. We go all the way back to college a wopping 10 years ago. One of my dearest friends, King, put up with my shenanigans when I thought music school was the way to go and her family has grown with me through my development as a photographer. From newbie studio photos of them all on a white backdrop, to King's sister getting married and now to this adorable 2 year old nugget they created - we've had a lot of fun together!

Thank you so much for being my friends and for trusting me to be your photographer. It really means the world to me that I get the honor of capturing your family as it grows and changes. Plus, I oddly enjoy Isaiah's toddler death stares. They make me so uncomfortable I giggle and then dance around until his face lights up. So worth it. 

This was the first of three family shoots I did while visiting Wisconsin for a week in July. It was such a great trip filled with beautiful nature and big reminders of the simple things that life is really about - family, friends and fresh air. It's the best thing ever when I get to mix all three together :) Here are my favorites!