Los Angeles Baptism Photography | St Thomas Episcopal Church

Today's post is about much more than just a baptism. Today's post is about love. All kinds of love - the love a couple has for one another, the love of family, the love of fathers and daughters and the warm embrace of a loving and supportive community. With all the chaos going on in the world and right here in this country, I feel like it's ever more important to emphasize and encourage love. Love is not a fickle thing, it does not know race, gender or religion. It does not care about your job, your upbringing, what kind of house or car you have or if you've done the dishes. Love is not something that is only for some people and not for others. It is universal, it is felt by all and it should never be punished, because love brings joy, togetherness, strength and without it no challenge will be overcome.

Today's post is about a wonderful little girl who will forever be a Daddy's girl, because she's got the luck of having two and my goodness are they crazy about her! This gorgeous little family spent one of the last days of 2013 with me at their church in Hollywood. We spent a little time at the nearby Wattles Mansion in the beautiful LA winter ;) and then finished up at  St Thomas the Apostle celebrating Evelyn's baptism. Having come from the east coast I don't see many beautiful churches anymore, but this church has a serious magical quality that really captured me.

Thank you so much C, J + E, I'm truly honored to have spent time with you photographing your lovely little family!