Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer | Kristie + Emily

Where to start for this one... I don't even have words... This wedding is very significant for me and everyone who participated in it. All weddings are a blending of two people's lives, cultures and families, but this one. This one takes the cake.

Kristie and Emily are two of the smartest, most heartfelt people I've ever met. From the moment we met they were so warm, inviting and truly grateful for the services I was providing. We shared happy hour wine + apps (easily one of my favorite pleasures in life) and connected over their upcoming nuptials and lives together.

It is easy to see their wedding at Elings Park, nestled in the hills of Santa Barbara was beautiful, but what made the day truly remarkable was the importance of the union. Things that might seem normal and accepted for many of our generation, but are really very recent and still facing a lot of protest around the world made this day absolutely moving. An interracial, gay wedding - a huge success for many of those before us who did not have the ability to do this. Our parents were alive to witness Loving vs Virginia, a monumental civil rights case in 1967 allowing interracial marriage and with same-sex marriage still a hot topic and banned in many states, it's really an inspiring, beautiful thing to be a part and witness a wedding like this.

Readings during the ceremony touched on both of these topics, making sure everyone in attendance was crying. Incorporating elements from both bride's spiritual and religious preferences, sage was burned and glasses were broken after the 'i dos' - by both brides!

Emily and Kristie, I'm so honored to have taken part in your special day and know it will be a favorite for many many years to come!

Much love