Sheboygan Family Photography | Grimm

Meet the Grimms. They're as sweet as pie and that beautiful Mama is a friend from a time long ago in a place far, far away.  Nikki and I went to highschool together (over a decade ago - what!?) and when I visited Wisconsin in July, I had the pleasure of meeting her husband and their adorable and hilarious offspring.

We met up near the shores of Lake Michigan, frolicked in the sand, froze our toes in the water (seriously, it's much colder than the SoCal Pacific Ocean) and went down the slide a few times. Nikki and Terry are kind, sweet, full of love and joy for their family and that feeling was absolutely contagious during our shoot. It was such a blast photographing your lovely clan! Thank you so much for coming to play and I hope we meet up again sooner than later :)